What’s Dennis Reading – December 5

This week, Vice President Dennis Pruitt is reading:

* Note that access to some articles may require you to sign up for a free account.

Innovating with Analytics” by David Kiron

Companies like Match.com are analytical innovators, using the data they receive to match couples together and be able to create lasting relationships. This article takes a look at how companies like this are using data to strengthen the work that they do, and how we can apply that in our department to better meet the needs of our students.

The Design and Implementation of a Career Orientation Course for Undergraduate Majors” by Edward Freeman

Edward Freeman teaches at St. John Fisher College and has been teaching a career orientation course for Biology at this university. Many schools are now adding career orientation courses in many subjects and are receiving positive feedback from the students about these programs. Freeman lays out the themes covered in his course and the methods that he uses to help students participate and consider future careers.

Generation Me on Trail” by Jean M. Twenge

Generation Me is the current group of college students and they are many examples that show this group of students lacking empathy towards others. Why is this? Twenge takes a look at different examples that display this empathy deficit and makes us think about different ways that we can help shift this.

Let Dennis know if you are reading the same articles or if you have questions/comments about what he is reading!


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