What’s Dennis Reading – Feb. 13 with Guest Reader Kevin Clarke!

This week, Vice President Dennis Pruitt is reading:Dennis Pruitt

Out’ Is In: Gay Workers Find Workplaces More Welcoming” by Scott Bixby

A new study shows that more individuals of the LGBT community are benefiting from more accepting work environments. Companies are making large strides in their acceptance policies and many credit their non-discriminatory policies to a more accepting society. How are you building your work environment to make sure that co-workers and students feel comfortable and accepted?


This week Kevin Clarke, Program Coordinator for Faculty Development and Assessment University 101 Programs, is reading:imager

To Raise Graduation Rate, Colleges Are Urged to Help a Changing Student Body, The New York Times” by TAMAR LEWIN

I chose this article because it succinctly frames the issues we will be wrestling with at the 2013 ideaPOP! Conference: Preparing Students to Thrive in the 21st Century. These issues include understanding who are students are, determining how to meet them where they are at with the appropriate programs and services, and not only helping them persist and graduate, but graduate with a firm direction and the skill set necessary for success, however defined. This article also introduces the Division to the work of our keynote speaker, John Pryor. Hopefully it will get folks excited about the conference, and maybe even inspire them to submit a program proposal!

Stop Working All Those Hours” by Robert C. Pozen

Relax! You’ll be More Productive” by TONY SCHWARTZ

I have found that the field of student affairs often preaches the concept of work-life balance while expecting the opposite. These two articles provide a different perspective on success in the workplace and offer unique philosophies that may influence the way we work.

* Note that access to some articles may require you to sign up for a free account.

Let Dennis or Kevin know your opinion about these articles, or if you have any suggestions for future articles!


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