What’s Dennis Reading – February 27th


This week, Vice President Dennis Pruitt is reading:

* Note that access to some articles may require you to sign up for a free account.

10 Reasons Why We Need Diversity on College Campuses” by Sophia Kerby

With many Americans feeling that Grutter v. Bollinger is a Supreme Court ruling that should now be re-examined, Sophia Kerby forces us to look at the importance of keeping our universities diverse. Kerby argues that by taking diversity out of the university, we are not preparing our students for the society and workforce that they will enter after their years spent with us.

A Detection Model of College Withdrawal” by Timothy Pleskac, Jessica Kenney, Stephanie Merritt, Neal Schmitt, Fredrick Oswald

Many times students decide to withdraw from the university that they are attending without leaving an explanation as to why they no longer wanted to continue their education. This model takes a look at different examples of why some students choose to leave, and why many make the decision to stay at the university when many factors would allow us to predict that they would withdraw. If we have a better understanding that we have of why students withdrawal, we can help provide the support that students need to stay enrolled until graduation.

Let Dennis know if you are reading the same articles or if you have questions/comments about what he is reading!


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