What’s Dennis Reading – March 6


This week, Vice President Dennis Pruitt is reading:

* Note that access to some articles may require you to sign up for a free account.

Ten Years After– Lessons Parkinson’s Taught Me Along the Way” by Steven V. Mann

Ten years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Steven Mann reflects on the lessons that he has learned because of the disease. Steven is the department chair of the Darla Moore School of Business Finance Department. This article is a great reminder of what is important at the end of the day and valuable lessons that we should always remember. Thank you to Steven for sharing his work and personal story with us.

A Majority of Students Look at a College’s Sticker Price Without Taking Financial Aid into Consideration” by studentPOLL 

This poll by studentPOLL takes a look at how the general cost of attending a university and financial aid availability effects a students decision to attend one college over another. This article including many interesting facts, like how many incoming student expect a merit scholarship, how many students are unsure of how they will pay for college and which students are more likely to apply for early decision.

Please check out our new “Sights and Sounds” video from the “What’s Dennis Reading” Breakfast last week! 

Let Dennis know if you are reading the same articles or if you have questions/comments about what he is reading!


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