What’s Dennis Reading – March 20th with Guest Reader Hilary L. Lichterman!

This week, Vice President Dennis Pruitt is reading:

Spate of Suicides Vexes Gun Range” by Matthew DolanDennis Pruitt

Our nation has currently been fascinated with the topic of the gun control debate and how our government should handle the situation. This article takes a look at a group of incidents that normally get overlooked, suicides that take place in gun shooting ranges. The suicide rates at these gun ranges are much higher than most would expect. How do we think we can prevent suicides at these locations, to help local business while keeping citizens as safe as possible?




This week Hilary L. Lichterman, Associate Director of Residential Learning Initiatives, is reading:

“Company Success Isn’t Made… It’s Just Born.” by Tony Bingham

This article, introduced in my recent Employee Leadership & Development course, can inspire us to learn about hilaryprofessional learning from Just Born, the candy company that makes the famous Peeps and other tasty treats. The article details an interview with the co-CEOs regarding the company’s commitment to learning.

Most importantly, I appreciate the emphasis on context within the organization’s mission and vision.    As we champion a spirit for life-long learning, this material ought to challenge how we design and facilitate training and development experiences that continually enrich our skills as educators.  Similarly, we are reminded that environmental artifacts and traditions, as examples, can influence the culture of learning within an organization. This piece from Just Born gives us much to “chew on” as we continually evaluate and improve our learning strategies and thus our overall performance for students!

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg

I highly recommend this book – for professional application and personal discovery!   Duhigg presents the “cue, routine, reward” cycle to explain how human beings engage with new and old habits. Perhaps what I appreciate most, thus far, about this book is how Duhigg incorporates compelling stories to illustrate main points.  This content has the potential to help us influence our students in their thoughts, decisions, and behaviors – within our Carolina community and as they transition to life beyond Carolina.  We can apply these stories and the “cue, routine, reward” cycle when formulating thought-provoking experiences and questions in our every day interactions, programs, and services with and for students.  Helping our students continually understand the why of their innermost thoughts and aspirations can contribute to increased self-awareness, more productive teams/organizations, and more harmony in our world at large.

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Let Dennis or Hilary know your opinion about these articles, or if you have any suggestions for future articles!

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