USC to Host Travel Lightly Day to Encourage Environmentally Friendly Transportation Methods

COLUMBIA, SC (April 11th, 2013) – As part of the University’s Earth Week celebrations, Sustainable Carolina is partnering with several campus organizations and Colonial Life to host Travel Lightly Day on April 23, 2013.
At USC, Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to carpool, use public transportation, bicycle, skateboard or even roller-blade to travel around campus throughout the day. The goal of this initiative is to increase awareness of the importance of leaving a lighter carbon footprint through a decreased dependency on motorized vehicles.
For the first time, USC is extending this effort into the greater community by partnering with Colonial Life to encourage its employees to carpool as well. Resources about local recycling efforts and the benefits of carpooling will be distributed to employees throughout the week and on April 19, 2013, USC and Colonial Life Green Team volunteers will be looking to “catch” carpoolers as they arrive at work.
“This event, now in its second year, is a fantastic way for the community and campus to consider alternative transportation in their commutes to work or class,” said Malte Weiland, from the Sustainable Carolina transportation team. “In order to lower our carbon footprint, we as a community need to reconsider our transportation choices, and Travel Lightly Day really showcases how easy and healthy this can be.”
USC students will be handing out some sweet prizes to those caught traveling “lightly” on both days. Campus locations include Blatt P.E. Center, the Healthy Carolina Farmers Market on Greene St. and at the corner of Greene and Pickens.  Designated “carpool only” parking will be available at several garages and parking lots on campus to as well as in prime locations in the Colonial Life parking lot to reward people who participate.
This event was made possible by the following supporters:


·         USC Orientation and Testing
·         Palmetto Cycling Coalition
·         Outspoken Bicycles
·         Salty’s
·         Cycle Center
·         Colonial Life
·         Eco Reps
·         RidePost
·         Outdoor Recreation
·         Healthy Carolina
·         VMPS
·         USC PD
For more information, contact Malte Weiland at
About Sustainable Carolina:
The mission of Sustainable Carolina is “to educate and transform the campus by promoting collaborative relationships among students, faculty, staff, and community members for exploring and implementing the changes required to create a sustainable society.”  Visit our website at:

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