Student Affairs & Academic Support staff recognized for state service

Thank you for your service and dedication to the State of South Carolina!

Grace E. Weed, 30 years
Sean C. Crymble, 10 years

Financial Aid
Michelle N. Hazewinkel, 10 years
Danielle S. Rymer, 10 years

Health Services
Donna C. Harrison, 20 years
Stephanie D. Hinton, 20 years
Scotty H. Kednocker, 10 years
Rosa A. Kincade, 10 years
Michelle D. Priester, 10 years
James L. Becton, 10 years
Charles M. McKenzie, 10 years
Rosa M. Crawford, 10 years

Sally Gownes, 30 years
Joseph J. Fortune, 20 years
Eugene I. Luna, 20 years
Johnny H. Benton, 20 years
Reginald D. Romeo, 20 years
Valarie W. Lindsay, 10 years
Annie D. Felder, 10 years

E. Elaine Belesky, 10 years

Student Life
Cheryl Soehl, 20 years
Veda Sargent, 10 years
Kristine Capps, 10 years

Joseph Rice, 20 years

University 101
Shana C. Harrison, 10 years




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