Student Health Services Update- August 5

Looking for a Fitness Buddy?

Healthy Carolina has developed an online networking tool to help students, faculty, and staff improve their health, fitness, and quality of life through physical activity. Using the Fitness Buddies website, you will be able to connect with others in the USC community with mutual interest in sports and activities. You will also receive customized announcements with the latest on events and activities that match your interests (or preferences).Click Here for more information.

Take a Break and Meditate with Mindful Monday

All students, faculty and staff are invited to drop-in for a mindful meditation practice on Monday August 5th. The meditation will be held in room 309 of the Russell House from 12:15-1pm. These sessions provide an opportunity to improve your focus and attention and become more centered and grounded in your daily routine. If you’re interested in practicing or continuing to develop inner health or well-being, this meditation is for you! No registration is required. Visit for more information.

Transfer your Prescriptions!

The pharmacy can fill prescriptions written by doctors outside of the health center, in or out of state. Bring in the original prescription, or have your physician telephone or fax your prescription to us and pick up it up right here on campus. Call the pharmacy at 803-777-4890 or visit for more information.



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