Upcoming Faculty Led Study Abroad Program Deadline,

USC faculty and staff are instrumental in encouraging and supporting students who participate in education abroad. In 2012-2013, faculty members from 17 different departments led over 450 students to 30 different countries to earn USC credit abroad. The Study Abroad Office is currently inviting USC faculty members to submit short-term education abroad program proposals for the 2013-2014 academic year, including spring break, Maymester, and Summer 2014 programs.  These may be credit bearing or not for-credit programs. The Global Classroom Program Proposal Form may be accessed on the Study Abroad website at: studyabroad.sc.edu/faculty.

Faculty and/or staff who are interested in developing a faculty/staff-led education abroad program for the 2013-2014 academic year must submit the Global Classroom Program Proposal Form by August 15, 2013. A proposal is required of all faculty/staff who plan to lead student groups overseas, on both for-credit and non-credit bearing programs. Proposals should be submitted directly to the Study Abroad Office and will be reviewed by the Overseas Program Approval Committee. Given the timeline of this process, August 15 is the final deadline for proposals. Should you have any questions concerning the deadline or process, please contact the Study Abroad Office as soon as possible.

The Global Classroom Program Proposal process is managed in accordance with the new university policies ACAF 2.08 “Faculty/Staff-Led Overseas Programs for Students” and ACAF 2.09 “International Travel Policy for Students”. The Study Abroad Office is available to provide faculty and staff with resources to assist with all aspects of program development, including planning and implementation, marketing and recruitment, and risk management.  Should you have questions or need assistance please contact Sarah Langston, Associate Director of Study Abroad at langston@sc.edu or Jennifer Engel, Director of Study Abroad at jengel@mailbox.sc.edu.


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