Spring 2014 Course Information from the Career Center

University 201 Course #11524
Fundamentals of Inquiry, Exploring the World of Work
Spring 2014 TuTh 10:05am-11:20am

Course Description

UNIV 201 (Exploring the World of Work)

Work occupies the majority of your waking hours and is one of the most significant factors in determining your quality of life. This course will challenge students to identify their interests and actively explore how contemporary society and the global economy is impacting the workplace and shaping today’s new knowledge workers. Students will identify why experiential education and skill development are critical components of career preparation. This course will utilize critical thinking, problem-solving, and provide practical tools for workplace preparation and performance.

Reporting Internships/Co-ops to the Career Center

Do you know students who are planning to complete a co-op next semester? The Career Center works with all co-op students to ensure that they can maintain their student status during the semesters they are away from USC. As their advisor, please help them plan their semester accordingly and direct them to the Career Center.

For additional information on USC’s co-op requirements please click here or refer students to our main line at 803-777-7280.

Students must make sure to report their hire on JobMate in order to initiate the co-op approval process. The last day to report a spring co-op to the Career Center is January 17, 2014. Co-ops reported to the Career Center after this date will not be recorded by the registrar’s office, which can impact a student’s enrollment status.

Students who will be completing an internship can also report their hires to the Career Center utilizing JobMate. These students will receive University recognition for reporting their semester internship.

If students have further questions about obtaining a co-op/internship or the process of reporting their hire please refer them to the Career Center. Students can come for drop-in hours from 1-4pm without an appointment, Monday-Friday.


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