January GARP Employer Meetings

We would like to share a couple of reminders and some important information regarding the 2014 Graduate Assistant Recruitment Process (GARP) for the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support.

If your office is NOT going to participate in the GARP 2014 process, please let Stephanie Suarez know and she will remove you from the email list.

Employer Meetings

There are two employer meeting times scheduled for staff members from offices that will be participating in GARP. The purpose of these employer meetings is to clarify further information about GARP, answer any employer questions, and offer you time to set-up your job description on JobMate with Career Center staff in the room.

Though there are two meeting options scheduled, staff members need to only attend one. The options are:

· Thursday, January 16th at 12:00pm in the Thomas Cooper Library Multimedia Classroom 3 on the third floor
· Friday, January 17th at 4:00pm in the Thomas Cooper Library Multimedia Classroom 3 on the third floor

If you or a member of your staff is unable to attend either of these meetings and would still like to receive some assistance, please let Stephanie Suarez know as soon as possible.

Position Descriptions are Due on January 24, 2014

Any GA positions that will be offered through GARP 2014 must be submitted by January 24, 2014 by 4:00pm. Positions will need to be posted onto JobMate. More information will be sent out in early January.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Suarez via email at suarezsa@mailbox.sc.edu or via phone at (803) 777-4584.



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