What’s Dennis Reading? – Jan. 15, 2014


Note that access to some articles may require creating a free account.

Degrees of Value: Making College Pay Off
by Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Wall Street Journal

The public is becoming increasingly skeptical of the value of a college degree, and parents and students are scrutinizing the gap between college debt and post-graduate earnings. According to Reynolds, the solution to the higher education problem will include colleges reducing costs, increasing value and changing the delivery of course instruction.

Generation Me on Trial
by Jean Twenge, Chronicle of Higher Education

What’s to blame for some millennials’ poor choices, including shockingly bad behavior on social media and offensive costume and theme parties? Twenge, the author of Generation Me, cites a lack of empathy, a decline in taking responsibility and, counterintuitively, an increase in the belief of equality for all.

Office Stress: His vs. Hers
by Lauren Weber and Sue Shellenbarger, Wall Street Journal

Work-related stress is common; about one-third of employees report experiencing it. And the majority of both men and women agree they’re being paid too little for too much work. But women report more stress, and their experiences and responses are different from men’s.


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