What’s Dennis Reading? – Jan. 29, 2014

whats_dennis_reading_webNote that access to some articles may require creating a free account.

Jeff Bezos: The Ultimate Disrupter 
by Adam Lashinsky, Fortune Magazine

Named Fortune’s 2012 Businessperson of the Year, Jeff Bezos has grown Amazon exponentially, venturing into the sales of everything from couture retailing and feature-film production to iPad-worthy tablet manufacturing. Bezos has consistently taken many business risks, but is undisputedly viewed as a role model for entrepreneurs and CEOs alike.

Ready, Fire, Aim: The College Campus Gun Fight
by Robert Birnbaum, Change Magazine

The question of whether guns should be permitted on college and university campuses in the United States reflects the tension between two competing perspectives. America has both a strong gun culture and an equally strong gun-control culture. Birnbaum challenges that, rather than trying to further protect a campus from the already low possibility of homicides, resources might better be allocated to reduce more rampant forms of campus violence such as forcible sex offenses.

by Kathleen Fitzpatrick, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Public shaming on Twitter and other social media platforms has become prevalent, and is seen by Fitzpatrick as fundamentally different from criticism or disagreement. Shaming, not just on social media, is an inherent part of our culture. People who experience shame frequently respond by withdrawing, and a person who feels shame often dispels that feeling by shaming others. If social media is used as a means of lashing out on people, often for the amusement of followers, than we are encouraged to throw off whatever shame we feel by belittling others.

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