What’s Dennis Reading? – Feb. 12, 2014


Note that access to some articles may require creating a free account.

A Course in Online Civility
by Brian Goedde, The Chronicle Review

A professor of both online and traditional in-person composition classes, Brian Goedde details how civility and respectful disagreement can be achieved in both face-to-face and virtual forums. Though the students he teaches agree that there is a flaring and ubiquitous belligerence seen on social media, they practice how to present an opinion without dogmatism in online discussions. Goedde admits that some of the cordiality is attributed to the fact that the discussions are graded but is hopeful that his students will take this practice outside of the classroom and into the social media world.

Why Settle for a Princeton Man?
by Marina Adshade, The Wall Street Journal

Princeton University alumna Susan Patton was widely critiqued after her declaration that young female students should lock down an Ivy League man while they have access to such high-quality candidates. Author of “Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love,” Marina Adshade agrees that this statement is outdated, as women now outrank men in education. For every 100 men with a college education there are now 132 college-educated women, creating an educational imbalance that now allows women to decide for themselves if they want to marry “up.”

Why She Drinks
by Gabrielle Glaser, The Wall Street Journal

The increase in the amount of women that drink has led some professionals to view a seemingly harmless wine habit as  a means of coping with depression and anxiety–something women  are twice as likely to suffer from than men. Gallup polls have repeatedly found that the more educated and well-off a woman is, the more likely she is to drink. Similarly, an analysis of the drinking habits of 85,000 Americans in 2002 found that 47% of white women reported being regular drinkers, up from 37% in 1992.


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