Hero Awards honors 15 students, staff

Hero Award recipients have helped friends, classmates, coworkers and even complete strangers through a variety of actions and deeds, large and small. They gave someone a ride, called for help, intervened in an unsafe situation, or referred someone to much needed resources. Our heroes pay attention to what is going on around them and the needs of others and stand up for them.

The Hero Awards Ceremony, which took place March 26, honored the following 15 nominees for their impact on a fellow Carolina community member’s life at the fifth annual ceremony: Steven Hughes, Allison Ryan, Scott Prill, Erin McKinney, Jesse Menard, James Prince Jr., Mike McKenzie, Michael Gore, Evangeline Nelson, Noelle Chasmar, Sango Asante, Ashton Peterson, Anthony Khoa Nguyen, Henning Liese, and Adrienne White.

The Hero Awards support Stand Up Carolina, the University of South Carolina’s bystander accountability initiative offered through Student Health Services Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!IMG_1629


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