Student Affairs and Academic Support employees honored at State Service Awards

Congratulations to the employees honored at this year’s State Service Award Program, which recognized faculty and staff who have reached 20, 30 and 40-year milestones. Thank you for all that you do–your commitment and service are greatly appreciated.

The following are the employees in the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support who were acknowledged for their service:

Philip Blackwell- 20 years- TRIO
Cindy Peachey- 20 years- Financial Aid
Patricia Gilmore- 30 years- Career Center
Robert Harman- 30 years- Housing
Violette Hunter- 30 years- TRIO

In addition to the above, the following employees with 10-year milestones will be recognized at the Division Annual Awards & Recognition Breakfast:

Matt Cleary- Student Affairs Technology Services
Michelle Eichelberger- Student Health Services
Jimmie Gahagan- Student Engagement
Melissa Gilbert- Registrar
Holly Gilliam- Financial Aid
Michael Hyde- Student Life/ Campus Rec
Erica Lake- Career Center
Scott Lindenberg- Student Life
Rico Reed- National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition
Heather Sewell- Financial Aid
Angela Tronco- Student Health Services
Jane Wolfe- Housing

A complete list of all university service award honorees is available at

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