What’s Dennis Reading? – April 23, 2014


whats_dennis_reading_webDon’t Know What To Do With Your Life? Neither Did Thoreau

by Maureen Corrigan, NPR

Like many twentysomethings today, Thoreau was unsure of his future. Though he was equipped with a vast amount of knowledge, as well as a Harvard degree to back it up, he turned down a lucrative teaching career and helped out in the family business instead, working spasmodically as a tutor, caretaker and manure shoveler. Thoreau may have troubled his parents by not committing to a professional career directly after graduation, but the rest of the world became richer because of it. 

The Wal-Mart-ization of higher education: How young professors are getting screwed
by Keith Hoeller, Salon

Throughout the country, college administrators, often with the collaboration of academic unions, have gone to great lengths to keep their increasing numbers of adjunct faculty secret from students, parents, legislators, accreditors, foundations, and the public. Since US News and World Report started using the number of adjuncts to calculate their rankings in America’s Best Colleges, some colleges have not reported them to the magazine.

The Psychology of Begging to Be Followed on Twitter
by Kayleigh Roberts, The Atlantic

Though millennials are ubiquitously portrayed as being self-absorbed, Dr. Marion Underwood, clinical psychologist and University of Texas at Dallas psychology professor, contests that the positive reinforcement they receive from peers for self-promotion is what drives them to self-centeredness in the first place. For some teens, however, there’s a source of reinforcement even more addictive—and elusive—than their peers: their favorite celebrities.


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