What’s Dennis Reading? – May 7, 2014


Campus Climate Study: Summary of Systemwide Findings
by University of California

Though a large majority of the UC community is satisfied with the overall climate at the university, efforts to increase underrepresented minority and multi-minority respondents’ comfortability with the overall climate and the workplace climate are underway. Some of these efforts include the hiring of dedicated diversity and inclusion staff, programs that address unconscious bias in hiring and promotions, targeted staff and student trainings, and resource centers for particular groups.

The Dark Power of Fraternities
by Caitlin Flanagan, The Atlantic

Though arguments can be made in defense of the positive experiences that comes with joining a fraternity, including a system that assists in building American higher education and providing members with significant leadership training, the nature of fraternity life on the modern American campus is often highlighted by pervasive violence, sexual assault and binge-drinking. Flanagan investigates some of the cases that depict a darker side of fraternities, including an increasing number of cases in which inebriated members fall off or from house decks and windows.


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