What’s Dennis Reading? – 6/18/2014

whats_dennis_reading_webThe ‘Legalization’ of Student Affairs
by Brian A. Carlisle, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Student Affairs is often displayed as an institution that is committed to developing the whole student. In recent years, the “legalization” of student affairs has left its professionals wondering how to sustain the commitment to student development. An increased amount of federal and state oversight as well as a decreased amount of institutional funding has left student affairs professionals mulling over the purpose (or lack thereof) of their job.

Why You Hate Work
by Tony Schwartz, The New York Times

Feelings of depletion have become ubiquitous in an era where the demand for our time is exceeding our capacity in the workplace and beyond. Most Americans in the workplace feel depleted, unappreciated and devoid of creativity. Information and requests in the digital realm are keeping us up at night, further compelling us to over-exert our energy even after we have clocked out. What are some of the solutions to the myriad of obstacles the modern American employee faces? Renewal, value, focus and purpose.

Guest Submission from Jerry Brewer:

Beyond the Classroom
by Lydia Lum, CURRENTS

Most donors are looking for a return on investment when they make contributions to colleges and universities. Donations to student affairs doesn’t always provide investors with concrete numbers on their donations, however Lydia Lum illustrates how it’s been done.



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