Advisory group working to improve student affairs web content


The university is currently undergoing the process of redesigning and redeveloping its website as way to reinforce the university brand, deliver a user-centered design and making other critical improvements.

The Student Affairs and Academic Support web advisory group, which has met regularly throughout the summer, will guide the division’s efforts in this area. The nine-member group is charged with identifying site goals; identifying and prioritizing our audiences, as well as their common questions and tasks; and prioritizing sites and recommending a schedule for the redesign and redevelopment of each.

The purpose of the web redesign/redevelopment, and for the university-wide web redesign in general, is to ensure that we are giving our audiences the most effective experience as they navigate our websites. The web advisory group is taking a user-centered approach to develop and improve the content presented across our webpages and will continue to seek help from division offices to provide accurate and relevant information. This information will guide the creation of a web presence that serves our users rather than our organization chart and that improves our users’ access to our programs, services and resources.

Guided by best practices and audience research and assisted by the university’s web communications office, the web advisory group will achieve this by, as Dennis Pruitt said, “stepping outside silos to view the university as our audiences do—as one institution dedicated to the success of our students and other constituents.”

Members of the web advisory group are:
Maegan Gudridge, Student Affairs and Academic Support – chair
Matt Cleary, Student Affairs and Academic Support Technology Services
Joey Derrick, Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
Marjorie Duffie, Student Health Services
Erica Lake, Career Center
Drew Newton, Student Success Center
Mary Elizabeth Sewell, University 101 Programs
Whitney Smith, Student Affairs and Academic Support
Melissa Gentry, Student Life

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