Health offices reorganize to integrate wellness, prevention efforts

Student Health Services recently made a few organizational changes based on the increased need to integrate wellness, education and prevention activities for our growing student population and to comply with federal guidelines.

Marguerite O’Brien will be leading both Campus Wellness and Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention. These departments will be joining efforts to educate and enhance prevention programming for sexual assault and wellness activities. Marguerite will assume the title “Director of Campus Wellness, Prevention and Advocacy Services.”

The staff in these areas have a variety of skill sets to provide a greater benefit to campus. Based on this collaborative effort and increasing directives from federal inquiry into colleges’ response to sexual assaults, Stephanie Hinton will be moving into a primarily training role for sexual assault and Title IX compliance. Stephanie has great knowledge of this area and will lead training throughout the campus community.

Several staff have relocated to provide better continuity and staff interaction.

Stephanie Hinton – Thomson Student Health Center Room 312
Cassandra Brunson – Thomson Student Health Center Room 417
Marjorie Duffie – McBryde F Room 104
René Cerney – McBryde F Room 102
Marguerite O’Brien – Thomson Student Health Center first floor (temporary)

Please welcome these individuals within their new roles as they provide the necessary skills and leadership to enhance services for our students and comply with federal guidelines.


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