Leadership and Service Center hosts largest organization fair


Thousands of USC students attended the largest ever Student Organization Fair, which was held on Greene Street on Tuesday, Aug. 26 to help students find their fit at Carolina.

The expansion of the student activity space on Greene Street down to Pickens Street in front of the Women’s Quad made it possible for 150 organizations to participate in the event, which is held once each semester. In the past, the maximum was 120 groups, and some of those could have been stationed on Davis Field or the Russell House Patio instead of having all tables located on the highly-trafficked Greene Street area between the gates in front of the Russell House.

Leadership and Service Center staff received great feedback from the student leaders hosting their organizations’ tables saying they were pleased with the large turnout of students and that they collected so many names of interested students, making them confident about heading into a successful school year. Students attending the fair were able to talk with many more groups to learn about involvement opportunities than in previous years.

Allison Toney, the leadership coach for student organizations in the Leadership and Service Center who organizes the fair, says the event is helpful for all Carolina students looking to get involved on campus.

“The Student Organization Fair is just a fun event,” she said. “I love how it not only benefits student organizations but also those students who are looking for different opportunities. They are able to meet so many other students to talk about involvement opportunities, what it looks like to be a part of their organization and what each person’s involvement journey has been at USC. Students also are able to find opportunities that might be something they already are passionate about as well as find something that is new and different that might take them out of their comfort zone.”

Kim McMahon, director of campus life and the Russell House University Union, is excited for the additional opportunities that the new space on Greene Street brings for students.

“The ability to provide additional exposure and space to student organizations through the expanded Greene Street is a win for all students at USC,” she said. “The Russell House is here for students, and we are all about making connections and building community, and the Student Organization Fair was a perfect example of both.”

More opportunities for students to learn about and sign up for student organizations are scheduled for the fall semester, just a little smaller in scale. Mini student organization fairs with 40 organizations participating are planned for Sept. 17, Oct. 22 and Nov. 12. Each fair will be 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Greene Street.


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