2015 Annual Gateway Course Experience Conference opportunity

Because of the importance of gateway courses to student success, retention and completion, the UofSC System has partnered with the Gardner Institute to promote the Annual Gateway Course Experience Conference. You are encouraged to submit a proposal and consider attending the conference. UofSC System registrants receive a 10% discount on the cost of registration (which may be added to the group discount rate for 3 or more people attending from a specific college or campus). When registering, use the code “usc” to receive the 10% discount.

Submit a proposal:
You are doing great work and it’s time to share it. Higher education faculty, professionals and educators are invited to submit proposals for the Annual Gateway Course Experience Conference. Innovative concurrent session proposals are invited on topics addressing the research, challenges and practices related to gateway courses and student success. Gateway courses are defined as those high failure rate undergraduate courses. Deadline for proposal submission is Friday, Dec. 12.

Register for the Conference and Preconference Sessions:
Last year, over 300 faculty, teaching & learning technology staff, instructional support staff, academic support and success staff, academic administrators, and student affairs professionals came to Indianapolis to engage in the Annual Gateway Course Experience Conference. In April 2015, they’ll reconnect in North Carolina with additional friends and colleagues to talk about this significant topic. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the conversation.



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