Gamecock Gateway named Bronze winner for NASPA’s Excellence Award

Gamecock Gateway received Bronze recognition for NASPA’s Excellence Award in Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, Orientation, Parents, Persistence, First-Year, Other-Year and Related Category.

The annual NASPA Excellence Awards honor “outstanding programs, innovative services and effective administration” at colleges and universities across the United States.

Initiated by USC President Dr. Harris Pastides and Midlands Technical College President Dr. Marshall White, Gamecock Gateway launched in 2012-13 with a focus on enhancing access to a USC degree and innovating pipelines between community colleges and senior institutions. Gamecock Gateway students experience the best of both worlds – a smaller academic environment at MTC with the large resources and opportunities found at South Carolina’s flagship research university. To participate in Gamecock Gateway, students must commit to full time enrollment at MTC and on campus residency at USC. As a MTC student, Gamecock Gateway students have comprehensive access to MTC resources, including the Academic Success Center, the Career and Counseling Center, and more. Additionally, students receive all financial aid and scholarships through MTC and pay one consolidated bill of USC and MTC required fees directly to the college.

“Together, the University of South Carolina and Midlands Technical College are forming partnerships that expand access, meet students’ unique first year needs and afford both institutions enrollment stability,” Vice President of Student Affairs and Academic Support Dr. Dennis Pruitt said. “Without doubt, Gamecock Gateway is a national model of excellence.”


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