What’s Dennis Reading? 1/28/2015


Success for All Students
by Kevin Kruger, Leadership Exchange

NASPA President Kevin Kruger suggests that these are the best practices for ensuring the academic success of first-generation college students: 1) identify, actively recruit and continually track first-generation students 2) bring them to campus early 3) focus on their distinctive features 4) develop programs that meet students’ ongoing needs 5) use mentors 6) institutionalize a commitment to first-generation students 7) build a community, promote engagement and make it fun 8) involve family 9) acknowledge and ease, when possible, financial pressures 10) keep track of successes and failures.

College, the Great Unleveler
by Suzanne Mettler, The New York Times

Suzanne Mettler argues that the demise of opportunity through higher education is a political failure in that higher education policies have lost their effective functionality and lawmakers have neglected to maintain or update them. She notes that though there are more Americans than ever that are enrolled in college, the graduates who emerge a few years later indicated that instead of reducing inequality, higher education reinforces it. Three out of four adults who grow up in the top quarter of the income spectrum earn baccalaureate degrees by age 24, but it’s only one out of three in the next quarter down. In the bottom half of the economic distribution, it’s less than one out of five for those in the third bracket and fewer than one out of 10 in the poorest.

Ferment and Change: Higher Education in 2015
by Daniel Yankelovich, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Five trends that will radically transform higher education in the coming years are 1) changing life cycles as our nation’s population ages 2) America’s growing vulnerability in science and technology 3) the need to understand other cultures and languages 4) increasing challenges to higher education’s commitment to social mobility 5) public support for other ways of knowing.

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