What’s Dennis Reading? – 3/18/15


The 7 Attributes of CEOs Who Get Social Media
by Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt, Harvard Business Review

Leaders are increasingly expected to have a strong social media presence. Yet many still view social media as a broadcast channel, not as a way to connect. The seven attributes of CEOs who get social media are 1) an insatiable curiosity 2) a DIY mindset 3) a “bias for action” 4) a relentless need to give 5) a proclivity for connecting instead of promoting 6) being the company’s number one brand ambassador 7) leading with an open mindset.

The future requires collaboration, and the future is now
by Mike Leavitt and Rich McKeown, Leader to Leader

Experience has shown that well-designed value alliances must have the right elements or they will most likely fail. Significant common pain is the catalyst for collaboration and there must be a convener of stature with a trusted reputation to rally representatives. Everything is moved forward by a committed leader and a clearly defined purpose. Most significantly, shared, transparent information affords the required data underpinnings.


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