What’s Dennis Reading? 4/1/15


Open innovation – the future of R&D collaboration
by Jeff Connolly, Monash Magazine

Albert Einstein said, “problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” To foster collaboration and innovative thinking, delve into the internet for a universal platform of accessing, sharing and developing knowledge. Open collaboration enables and delivers superior innovation, and investment in technology is a prerequisite for society to answer the challenges posed by global trends.

Disruptive Thinking: The Revolution is in Full Swing
by Luke Williams, Pearson Education

Disruptive thinking develops through a five-stage process: 1. craft a disruptive hypothesis 2. define a disruptive market opportunity. 3. generate several disruptive ideas. 4. shape them into a single. disruptive solution. 5. make a disruptive pitch that will persuade internal or external stakeholders to invest or adopt what you’ve created.

How the College Bubble Will Pop
by Richard Vedder and Christopher Denhart, The Wall Street Journal

Total college enrollment has fallen by 1.5% since 2012. The decline can be partially attributed to a lack of births in the 1990s, however an increase in foreign enrollment offsets that deficiency. The real reason there’s a decline? The benefits of a degree are declining while costs continue to rise.


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