Staff Notes

Coordinator of Cross College Advising Sandra Smith presented Advising in a World Decentralized at the National Academic Advising Association Region 3

Coordinator of Outreach for the Student Success Center James Winfield presented Factors that Contribute to Success for First-Generation Students and Developing Curricular and Co-Curricular Strategies and Initiatives Tailored for First-Generation Students at the NRC Institute: First Year Experience and Students in Transition. He also wrote Call to Persistence for the Spring 2014 National College Learning Center Association Newsletter. He also presented Social Change: Leadership Through Awareness at the Student Leadership & Diversity Conference 2015 with Rachel Brunson

Coordinator of Tutoring for the Student Success Center Elizabeth Belle presented Beyond the Position Description: How to Connect Peer Leadership Experiences to a Larger Mission & Purpose at the International Conference on Supplemental Instruction and the South Carolina College Learning Center Association Conference.

SARS Administrator for the Student Success Center Steve Barth presented Online Appointment Scheduling at the 2014 Advisers Conference, University of South Carolina.





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