Staff Notes

Corey Ingram, program coordinator for Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention (SAVIP) presented The Power of ONE, a session on bystander accountability, at the annual Student Leadership Conference hosted by the South Carolina Technical College System Student Life Peer Group.

Kara Grant, an interior designer for University Housing, won 2nd place for the Community Bathroom Renovation (entered in the Renovation Over $150,000 category). Congratulations, Kara!

Dr. Amber Fallucca , formerly of University Houseing, is the new associate director of USC Connect. Amber brings a wealth of assessment experience including designing data systems, analyzing assessment data, and synthesizing and articulating findings to a variety of audiences. Amber’s publications and presentations focus on experiential learning and assessment. She has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses and held a number of leadership positions in professional associations.

Kristen Norris, Assistant Director of Outreach and Early Intervention joins the Student Success Center from Georgia Tech. Congratulations, Kristen!

Pam Mirabelli, Coordinator of Gamecock Gateway also joins the Student Success Center from UofSC Housing.


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