Campus Village

After several months of patiently waiting for all the parts to fall into place the Campus Village project has entered a new and important phase – the developer’s proposal period.  During this phase five developers, selected by the University based on their experience with such projects and capacity to complete the project successfully, will create their plans for the Campus Village.  Their proposals will include: a schematic of how the buildings will be placed on the footprint of the property, financing options, building design details, and proposals for operation, maintenance, and student amenities.  The selection committee is made up of key university stakeholders, including Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Luna from Housing.

The developer proposals must be submitted by late December to be ready for the university review process in January.  Each developer will have the opportunity to make a presentation to the selection committee and explain their financing options.  After the university has selected a developer, the entire project must undergo further scrutiny by the appropriate state agencies.  After obtaining those approvals the project may begin.  While it is a very tight timetable for review and approval, the goal is to break ground in May of 2017 on Phase 1 of the project, working toward a fall 2019 opening.  However, the process is time sensitive and delays could push the start of the project to May of 2018 with a 2020 opening.

This article originally appeared in @UofSCHousing Employee Focus 


The Campus Village project is a critical part of the University’s effort to address long term housing needs.  Given the ages of the buildings that will be replaced:  Bates House (1969), Cliff (1974), Bates West (1974), and Carolina Gardens (acquired in 1963), this is an important and timely project.  It will transform the physical nature of that part of campus and the residential experience for students living there.  More importantly, it will forever change the image of the south campus area, making it a destination for student activity and engagement.


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