Master Lease with Park Place

University Housing has been engaged for the past year in a competitive solicitation process to lease additional beds to meet the demand for housing at a growing University.  There are increasing needs to house students who are engaged in our nationally ranked Honors Program, the Capstone Scholars and Gamecock Gateway program and others.

The lease was solicited by the Department of Administration (state) on behalf of UofSC and will acquire 424 new beds to supplement our current inventory.  The Lease is for 3 years, with 4 one year renewals and will be managed like on-campus beds with similar University supervision and support services such as assignments, billing, residence life staffing, and shuttle services provided at the site.  Student will be required to lease their units for 12 months and their rates will be comparable to similar on-campus housing such as the Quads.

The lease has received extensive review and been approved by the University’s Board of Trustees and the Commission on Higher Education. The least was approved at the State’s Fiscal Accountability Authority meeting on December 13. These layers of review assure that the lease has been well written legally and demonstrates good judgement to the people of South Carolina.

For University Housing, the lease meets a critical housing need in the face of planned increases in enrollment and serves as a bridge for housing as we move forward with the Campus Village project.

This article originally appeared in @UofSCHousing Employee Focus 


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