Staff Notes

Mike Dial, James Winfield, University 101 Programs, and Jane Bouknight, University Advising Center, presented “Connecting Students to Success: A Comprehensive Approach to Retention and Persistence,” for Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange Webinar Wednesdays.

Joahn Sperry, lead advocate for Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention, received the 2017 Honored Victim Advocate Award by the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA).

Cindy Peachey, Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, was awarded the SCASFAA Achiever Award.  Qualifications for the award are as follows:
“Administrators and who have made outstanding contributions to SCASFAA through their leadership and/or involvement in the Association and who have been members of SCASFAA for more than seven years, but no longer than 25 years.”

This is award is made annually to a single individual, by nominations, and selected by the SCASFAA Executive Board.

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