Get Involved with Homecoming 2017

Homecoming is a time to welcome alumni and friends of the university back home to Carolina, and My Carolina Alumni Association needs your help! What makes UofSC feel like home varies for each of our alumni – to some, it is a campus organization, to some, it is an excellent academic experience in an academic college or school, while others feel their connection through athletics, a residence hall or another engagement point.

To make Homecoming a true “welcome home” experience, My Carolina invites all campus departments to host events, exhibits, open houses and more during Homecoming 2017, which is the weekend of Oct. 27-29. This is a great time to connect with alumni who were involved in your programs, share updates, offer facility tours and more. Additionally, let us know about events you are already hosting during this time period so we can include them on the schedule!

To submit your event to Homecoming schedule, click here. Campus events will be accepted on a rolling basis leading up to Homecoming, but the earlier you submit an event, the more publicity it will get!


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