Division positioned to manage 3 percent reallocation

For the last several years, we’ve asked all units in the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support to identify ways to reduce or reallocate operating dollars in the event of a change in funding. In the past, it’s been just an exercise. This year it’s a reality.

The university is reallocating 3 percent of operating funds from all academic and service units to support innovation in academic affairs. This prioritization of excellence in teaching and research will enable us to better educate our students and better serve our state.

Because of our careful planning—including our annual exercise and frequent follow-up communications with staff—we are well positioned to manage the reduction. We will preserve our recruitment and retention activities and maintain our ability to provide an outstanding student experience.

There is other good news. The University of South Carolina remains a destination of choice for bright, talented students from throughout the state, country and world. This fall, we expect to welcome a record number of them—5,700-5,900 is the estimated range—to the class of 2021. This enrollment growth will result in an increase in tuition revenue, some of which will be strategically returned to selected areas.

I appreciate your commitment to our students, and I thank you for all you do to deliver on the promise we make when they enroll.




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