UofSC Campus Recreation Receives NIRSA Creative Excellence Award

By Michael Casey

NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation has presented South Carolina’s Campus Recreation Department with a Creative Excellence Award for Large Scale Signage.

This recognition is given annually to a university with exemplary major signage in either indoor or outdoor facilities that promotes programs and events and is aesthetically pleasing. Campus Recreation earned this honor through submission of the large-scale signage around Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center (STWFC).

“The tie-in to the larger university branding with the tail feathers as well as the use of actual UofSC student photos instead of generic stock photos earned this recognition,” Lauren Olson, associate director of Campus Recreation, said.

Through use of creative signage, Campus Recreation showcases STWFC as a welcoming facility with a positive environment. The signage set bearing the words “strength,” “resilience,” and “inspire,” was the key piece of the award submission.

Campus Recreation seeks to provide safe and easy access to recreational programs and facilities in order to offer experiences that facilitate healthy living habits. Signage assists in promoting not only services available but the motivational and healthy atmosphere Campus Recreation aims to provide.

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