PD Picks 2017-18

May 1, 2018 A Crash Course in Crisis Communication "For leaders who want to save people from harm and uphold the honor and reputation of their institutions, not to mention keep their jobs, now is the time to plan for crises to come." - The Chronicle of Higher Education 5 Research-Based Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination "Chances are … Continue reading PD Picks 2017-18


PD Picks 2016-17

May 1, 2017  How to Adapt to the Supervisor's Changing Role But in modern manufacturing, the supervisor is expected to be a coach, not a drill instructor. - Biz Journals  Preparing Your Workforce for Change An effective change management process can’t be an afterthought. - HR Voice  Managing Change One Day at a Time  The goal is progress, not perfection. - Harvard Business Review … Continue reading PD Picks 2016-17