What’s Dennis Reading 2017-2018

June 18, 2018 Norway Is Happiest Country in the World. What's the Secret? Despite long, cold, dark winters, Nordic countries perennially top the list of the world's happiest countries. Support may explain the phenomenon. - Time magazine (Note: This article is from 2017. Finland, another Nordic country, earned the title in 2018.) What's the Biggest Challenge for … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading 2017-2018


What’s Dennis Reading? 2017-18

July 31, 2017 Engagement and Employability By examining the central role student affairs plays in helping students gain and articulate career skills, Engagement and Employability focuses on the top skills employers seek when hiring recent college graduates. Enjoy a discussion and numerous examples of how to identify, measure, and assess employability skills as an outcome of cocurricular … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? 2017-18

What’s Dennis Reading? 2016-17

April 24, 2017  Change in Higher Education: Understanding and Responding to Individual and Organizational Resistance Despite the many nuances underlying resistance to change, the root issues revolve around power, control, and vulnerability - Research and Education Reports Breaking the Second-Generation Glass Ceiling The need for new perspectives on leadership and management in higher education has … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? 2016-17

What’s Dennis Reading? 4/1/15

Open innovation – the future of R&D collaboration by Jeff Connolly, Monash Magazine Albert Einstein said, "problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." To foster collaboration and innovative thinking, delve into the internet for a universal platform of accessing, sharing and developing knowledge. Open collaboration enables and delivers superior innovation, … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? 4/1/15

What’s Dennis Reading? – 2/25/15

5 Ways to Become More Self-Aware by Anthony K. Tjan, Harvard Business Review Tjan argues you can't be a good leader without self-awareness. How does one become more self-aware? He suggests meditation, writing down your key plans and priorities, taking psychometric tests, asking trusted friends and getting regular feedback at work. The Future of Higher Education by Janna Anderson, Jan … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? – 2/25/15

What’s Dennis Reading? 1/28/2015

Success for All Students by Kevin Kruger, Leadership Exchange NASPA President Kevin Kruger suggests that these are the best practices for ensuring the academic success of first-generation college students: 1) identify, actively recruit and continually track first-generation students 2) bring them to campus early 3) focus on their distinctive features 4) develop programs that meet … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? 1/28/2015

What’s Dennis Reading? 1/14/15

The digital degree by The Economist Universities have passed on the ever-increasing cost of going to college on to its students, as fees for private non-profit universities in America rose by 28% from 2000 to 2012, and have continued to increase. Higher education is now being introduced to massive open online courses, digitally-delivered courses that have advantages … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? 1/14/15

What’s Dennis Reading? – 12/3/14

21st-Century Talent Spotting Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, Harvard Business Review  In past decades, organizations have emphasized competencies in hiring and developing talent. Today those responsible for hiring and promotion decisions must focus on potential by assessing five key indicators in current and prospective employees: the right motivation, curiosity, insight, engagement and determination  How Netflix Reinvented HR by … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? – 12/3/14

What’s Dennis Reading? – 11/19/2014

Public Universities at Risk: 7 Damaging Myths by Christopher Newfield, The Chronicle of Higher Education The cuts that have been made in public financial support have affected both public colleges and the students that attend them. Christopher Newfield contends that many administrators of public universities are unable to convince political and business leaders that there … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? – 11/19/2014

What’s Dennis Reading? – 11/5/2014

Surviving Anxiety by Scott Stossel, The Atlantic Debilitating anxiety is the most common form of mental illness, afflicting one in four people at some point in their lives. Scott Stossel, the Atlantic's editor, is one of them. Paralyzing fears of failure, public speaking, flying, heights and more have overrun him since childhood. He's used therapy, drugs and … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? – 11/5/2014

What’s Dennis Reading? – 10/22/2014

Student Affairs, Boards, and Rebuilding the Public Trust by Kevin Kruger, Trusteeship Gallup survey results released in April of this year showed that 89 percent of those polled feel that higher education institutions need to change to better serve the needs of today’s students, with only 49 percents of U.S. adults seeing evidence that such change … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? – 10/22/2014

What’s Dennis Reading? – 7/30/2014

The Hashtag Heard ’Round the World by Theresa Walker, CURRENTS Hashtag activism has become a newer and more effective way to engage students and promote campus advocacy and protest, occurring across colleges and universities nationwide. Though traditional boycotts and rallies may attract media attention, hashtag activism has a longer shelf-life and sustains headlines of causes longer … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? – 7/30/2014

What’s Dennis Reading? – 6/18/2014

The ‘Legalization’ of Student Affairs by Brian A. Carlisle, The Chronicle of Higher Education Student Affairs is often displayed as an institution that is committed to developing the whole student. In recent years, the "legalization" of student affairs has left its professionals wondering how to sustain the commitment to student development. An increased amount of … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? – 6/18/2014

What’s Dennis Reading? – May 4, 2014

Higher Education's Six Sigma by Brandon Busteed, Gallup Business Journal The Gallup-Purdue Index has found that there are six factors of the college experience, three that pertain to feeling supported and another three that apply to experiential and deep learning, that influence a student's well-being and engagement at work. College grads who reported feeling supported during … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? – May 4, 2014

What’s Dennis Reading? – May 21, 2014

Study: You Really Can 'Work Smarter, Not Harder' by Nanette Fondas, The Atlantic A team of researches from HEC Paris, Harvard Business School, and the University of North Carolina found that learning is activated in a more efficient capacity if a lesson or engagement is followed with thinking about what was just presented. By reflecting on … Continue reading What’s Dennis Reading? – May 21, 2014