Gamecocks who Excel at Magnificent Service

There are no limits to how valuable you are!

The GEMS recognition program is an easy way to celebrate employee achievements and say thank you to staff. The GEMS program aligns with the division’s strategic goals and values by recognizing specific key actions and behaviors:

Exceptional Customer Service
Exceeding Expectations

Read more about the GEMS key actions and behaviors.

Who can be recognized through this program?
All employees in the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support are eligible for recognition – full time, part-time, temporary, research grant /time-limited, and graduate assistants.

How are employees recognized?
Employees are recognized with GEMS thank you notecards which are available in all departments. Employees who receive a notecard are eligible to register for a $25 gift card drawing.

Who can send a GEMS notecard?
All staff and faculty in the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support are eligible to participate.

Where can I pick up a notecard?
All departmental business managers and HR coordinators have a supply of GEMS notecards. Find your contact.

How do I register for the gift card drawing?
For each GEMS notecard received, the employee may register for a $25 gift card drawing.

When are the drawings and how are the winners notified?
Drawings are held before each division meeting. Winners will be announced at the monthly division meetings and notified via email.

What types of gift cards are available and when are they issued?
Gift cards are available from a variety of vendors (restaurants, department stores, online shopping venues, specialty shops, gas cards, etc.). Winners will be emailed with instructions on how to select the gift card and pick it up.

How do I get more information?
For additional information about the GEMS program, contact your manager, business manager or HR coordinator. You may also contact Latoya Roary at (803) 777-7526 – or Michelle Bridge at (803) 777-3952 –


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